Soggy Bottom Brewing signs 100 year contract with Dunedin International Film Festival

This contract is a testament to the city that D.I.F.F. is committed to staying local. #ShopLocal

Join the City of Dunedin for the inaugural Dunedin International Film Festival (D.I.F.F.) scheduled for January 12th & 13th, 2019, at seven locations all around Dunedin, Florida. This festival supports the City of Dunedin on it’s epic journey to becoming the #1 Arts and Cultural City in the State of Florida.

There has been discussion on a state level to develop the surrounding cities of Dunedin from Tarpon to Largo along the Pinellas bike trail as the Cultural Corridor of Florida. The Dunedin International Film Festival is a testament to this lofty goal.

D.I.F.F. is a platform for international filmmakers to share their original content with the Florida filmmakers’ community. This platform will develop the film community in Florida and bring awareness to the growing arts and cultural corridor of Dunedin. This film festival and the City of Dunedin welcome filmmakers from every walk of life with over 42 categories ranging from Horror to Drag Culture, Sustainability and Bonsai.

The Horror category will be screened at Soggy Bottom Brewery on Saturday, January 12th at 8:00pm, under the canopy of darkness. There will also be a midnight screening the the thriller category. Get all the gory horror details at

One of the special film categories is Bonsai, dedicated to films that are about the boutique art form of Bonsai and its timeless dedication to the protection and good treatment of plants. The screenings for this category will be at a private lumber warehouse off the Pinellas bike trail. In conjunction with this category, the festival will host a Tiny Trees event showcasing potted trees that are over 100 years old. There is a movement of artist in the U.S. trying to keep the dying art of Bonsai alive, and they have come to show you here, in Dunedin, FL.

Each local business in Dunedin has been an inspiration for a short film category. We hope you get a chance to visit all 7. If you haven’t heard about the historical Blur Night Club, it is one of the longest living Drag Bars in the State of Florida. Blur will be hosting the LGBTQ Nation, Drag Culture, and Mindfulness categories.

Caledonia Brewing hosts weekly meet ups on sustainability. This was a natural fit for the Sustainability and Climate Change categories for the festival. Each location will showcase up to 6 categories over the two day festival.

2019 Official selections will be shown at the various locations around Dunedin on Saturday and Sunday, with the awards ceremony and a grand gala capping it off Sunday evening at Fenway Hotel. Space for the closing night gala will be very limited and you want to be here! Tickets for the closing night gala are sold separately from the two-day festival tickets so be sure to grab both!

DIFF is turning City Hall into a screen writer’s workshop. On Saturday, January 12th from 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. a hollywood screenwriter will be leading a Story to Screenplay workshop. Seating is limited, arrive early.

Award categories include: Best director, cinematographer, actor, actress, best over-all, score, editor, and more.

There will be a very special The Walking Dead discussion panel led by the series’ Director of Photography, Stephen Campbell. You’ll get to hear about his remarkable 20-year career from camera assistant to cinematographer and then to director of photography for the most-watched program on TV. Also on the panel will be Clearwater native Lance Tafelski, who portrayed Black Bearded Wolf on the hit series; he will discuss his role on the show and what it is like to navigate the film maker's world.

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Thank you to Bungalow Entertainment and Open House Conspiracy for your musical genius as we develop the heady night light. Be sure to schedule your after-party life accordingly!

“Film makers need night life. That’s where all the connections happen.” - Film Maker

In Other News:

D.I.F.F. has started a film school in partnership with The Dunedin Public Library. The Dunedin Youth Film School is a 7 week program leading up to the film festival. 10 children will work together to create an original short film. The film will be screened during the Kids Creating Short Films category. We can’t wait to see what they create!

Tickets are on sale now. There are also opportunities to volunteer and to sponsor.